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Hotel Lux Palace is located in Kutaisi. The city was the capital of Georgia and is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in the place that was considered the best and most fertile in the whole country. Over the centuries, there lived the rulers of today’s western regions of Georgia. Kutaisi is the city that cannot be missed if you are traveling to Georgia. There is also a great base for exploring the many local attractions. Below we describe the main attractions, to convince you that the city of Kutaisi not only a great transit point, but also has unique attractions for which it is worth looking at more than one day.

Caves of Prometheus

Recently discovered, they became available for tourists only a few years ago, starting in 2011, along with the only underground river in Georgia. Caves and the river is one of the most beautiful and biggest attractions of its kind in the world. Beautifully illuminated and well protected hiking trails in the caves give the impression that you are in dreamland. The length of the route available for tourists – 1420 meters. For an additional fee, you can sail on a boat on an underground river, and the uniqueness of this trip will forever remain in your memory.
Lux Palace, at your request, can organize individual or group travel and tour of this beautiful place.

Svaneti and Mestia

This country is lost among the mountains of the Caucasus mountains, inhabited by Swans. It is one of the last places on earth, in which civilization has entered quite late and landscapes formed during the last thousand years, little has changed. People here still live in stone houses. The world knew about Swan people in the late nineteenth century. In many villages the electric current was carried out only at the beginning of the third millennium. Place is considered the most spectacular and impressive place in the entire Caucasus region; hiking deserved reputation as one of the best in Europe, if not in the world. At your request Lux Palace organizes individual or group travel and visit this beautiful place, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bagrati Temple

Bagrati Temple is located near Kutaisi on a hilltop above the river Rioni. It was built at the beginning of the XI century. On the north wall there is an inscription, which states that the construction of the building of the temple was completed in 1003. In 1692 the church was ruined and blown up by the Turks who invaded the kingdom of Imereti. Work related to the maintenance and reconstruction, as well as archaeological, research began in 1952 and lasted until 2012. In 1994 the temple and Gelati Monastery were entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Lux Palace at your request organizes individual or group travel and visit this beautiful place


Batumi – one of the oldest cities Georgia is located in the south-west part of the country. This is one of the most important Black Sea ports and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.
Driving into the city in the evening, on the highway from Kutaisi, looking from a distance at the lighted skyscrapers Batumi, you might think that we are in a different world – in the Caucasus Dubai! Batumi invites you to the beaches and the casino, which is probably in the region of most here. Batumi is one of the hottest resorts in the Black Sea!
Lux Palace at your request organizes individual or group travels and visits in the beautiful place.

Okatse Canyon

Natural monument in Georgia, located in the village of Gordi of Khoni municipality, in the vicinity of the river Okatse. It is uniquely located in the unbelievably deep and narrow ravine. Okace’s canyon is 3 to 6 meters wide and 20 to 100 meters deep. Along the canyon several waterfalls could be found, height of one it is 70 meters. Okatse Canyon occupies more than 2 kilometers and regarded to be the masterpiece of the nature. Okatse Canyon occupies more than 2 kilometers and regarded to be the masterpiece of the nature. Tskenistsckali tributary Okatse 70meter in height flowing down Kinchhkibi hollow and throught narrow bottom of Gordi Canyon and joins the river Tshkenisckali near the village Gelaverdi. In some places Okatse creates small lakes where you can swim. On the territory of the village Gordi river flowing leads you down to 2-5 width canyon where it is cold even in August.

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